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50 Cent MSN Display Pictures

MSN 50 Cent PicturesMSN Display Pictures are pictures you can set in MSN Messenger. On offer here are 50 Cent display pictures you can use in MSN. These MSN Display Pics are all based on sensational rapper, 50 Cent. They have specifically been made for use in MSN. You can find instructions for using these 50 Cent pictures in MSN at the bottom of this page. Download the 50 Cent MSN Pictures pack below!

Download 50 Cent MSN Display Pictures

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The pack contains 50 MSN Display Pictures in PNG format. Download it here:

Download 50 Cent Display Pictures

How To: Add the 50 Cent Display Pictures

To add the 50 Cent MSN Pictures to MSN Messenger follow these instructions.

  1. Open the main MSN window
  2. In the menu click Tools -> Change Display Picture
  3. In the Display Picture window use the Browse button to add the 50 Cent Pictures
  4. Click OK to save the changes
  5. Enjoy your new MSN 50 Cent Pictures

Enjoy showing off your new high-quality MSN Display Pictures to all your friends on MSN Messenger!